• PMSA is celebrating the accomplishments of our students every month until the end of school.  The purpose of the Student-of-the-Month award is to perpetuate a positive school culture by recognizing and celebrating the students who help foster this type of community through their commitment to Academics, Activities/Athletics, and/or Citizenship/Community Service. 

    Teachers can nominate one or more students from any grade level for one or more of the aforementioned criteria.  

    The Student-of-the-Month committee is comprised of 6 teachers who will choose 4 students each month, one student from each grade level.  Students will be presented with a Student-of-the-Month Award certificate as well as having their picture posted in the Student-of-the-Month showcase.

    At the end of the year, all student recipients will be invited to attend the May School Board meeting, where they will recognized by the D209 BOE.


    November, 2019

    9th grade: Lesly Mora Martinez

    10th grade: Amie Isfan

    11th grade: Miguel Saucedo

    12th grade: Arely Betancourt


    november 2019


    December, 2019

    9th grade: Emily Noguera

    10th grade: Vincent Bernal

    11th grade: Jorge Quintero

    12th grade: Isaac Herrera


    December 2019


    January, 2020

    9th grade: Enrique Antunez

    10th grade: Isaiah Ketedji

    11th grade: Terrence McKennie

    12th grade: Mariyah Nemesh


    January 2020