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    All visitors to PMSA must check with security at the South Entrance - Door 5.  All visitors attempting to gain access to the school/facility are required to present a valid driver’s license from any state, an official state photo identification card from any state and many countries, or military identification card for scanning. Visitors refusing to produce such ID may be asked to remain at the security desk or leave the school/site, as their identity cannot be verified.


    1. Visitors must sign in, identifying their name, the date and time of arrival, and the classroom or location they are visiting.
    2. A designated staff member will scan the visitor’s identification and issue a badge on a visitor’s lanyard with the visitor’s destination if there is no alert indicated on the database. The identification card will immediately be returned to the visitor when the badge is handed to them.
    3. Visitors are required to provide a credential exchange such as leaving their car keys. This will ensure that they check out and return the lanyard prior to leaving the building.
    4. Approved visitors must take a tag identifying himself or herself as a guest and place the tag to their outer clothing in a clearly visible location. Visitors are required to proceed immediately to their location in a quiet manner.
    5. The visitor is required to return to the security desk to check out when they are leaving the building and retrieve their credentials. The visitor will be instructed to give the badge back to designated security personnel to check them out of the system. Once the visitor has been signed out of the system, the badge will be torn thoroughly so it cannot be reused.

    Visitors are expected to abide by all school rules during their time on school property. A visitor who fails to conduct him or herself in a manner that is appropriate will be asked to leave and may be subject to criminal penalties for trespass and/or disruptive behavior.

    Parents wishing to visit their son or daughter’s classes may visit on “Bring Your Parent to School” day(s).

    District 209 reserves the right to terminate visitation promptly, and/or revoke visitation privileges of visitors and guest privileges of students, for failure to comply with the above regulations.