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    Proviso Township High Schools partners with Triton College and other colleges to offer Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit courses.

    We have a Dual Credit agreement with multiple colleges, including Triton College, where students can earn college and high school credit for specific classes taken at Proviso. These classes are taught by teachers who are qualified to teach both. The Dual Credit program is open to students currently enrolled in or are interested in taking Advanced Placement courses. Courses with a dual credit option are denoted with “DC” or Dual Credit next to their titles in the Curriculum Handbook. Students should contact their counselor for information regarding eligibility and registration. 

    Talented Juniors and Seniors may be enrolled simultaneously in high school and college if the District has a formal agreement with the college. Interested students should contact their counselor for information regarding eligibility and registration.

    Eligible students may need to:

    1.  Complete the Dual Enrollment Verification Form
    2.  Complete the Dual Enrollment Authorization Form 
    3.  Go to triton.edu and click “Apply” under the search box and "Create Account.” For more details, click HERE for English and Spanish step-by-step instructions.
    4.  Take the *ACCUPLACER Assessment. For testing instructions, please click HERE
    5.  The assessment may be waived with ACT scores of 20 in English and Writing and 23 in  Math or SAT scores of 480 in English and 600 in Math. All students planning to enroll in the Nursing Assistant Program must earn a score of 80 in the reading portion of the placement test to qualify. 
    6.  Obtain written permission from a high school administrator and a parent or guardian and meet with a College Counselor at Proviso Township High Schools District 209  

    *ACCUPLACER is a series of tests that evaluate students' reading, writing, and math skills to help college administrators place them on courses that match their skills.   


    District 209 offers the Career and Technical Education Program, in which admission cannot be denied on the basis of a student's race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or social or economic status.   


Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Application Guide