Illinois has added components to its graduation pathways that encourage students to explore post-high school opportunities while still in school. One of these opportunities is participation in Career and Technical Education Programs. These decisions affect how much money you make, your lifestyle, and the satisfaction you feel from what you do every day. You can set an exciting new direction for yourself with Proviso Township High Schools Career and Technical Education programs.

    Proviso Township High Schools Career and Technical Education is much more than high school. It is a high school with direction, hands-on learning, and real-world work experience. You’ll have opportunities to earn credits that can be transferred to a two or four-year college. Plus, you can earn industry-recognized certifications and multiple credentials accepted by business and industry that could secure you a job right out of high school!

    Our staff has the knowledge, skills, and work experience to bring their classrooms alive! Their passion radiates among the students and staff to create a culture of professionalism within our pathways and all of our outlying programs.

    I invite you to visit our programs for a tour. Ask questions and find out more about how we help each one of our students open the door to their future. We want to empower YOU and provide you with the tools for success!


    Dr. Alexander J. Brandon
    District Director for Career and Technical Education and Early College
    Proviso Township High Schools D209


    District 209 offers the Career and Technical Education Program, in which admission cannot be denied on the basis of a student's race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or social or economic status.