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    Technology integration involves incorporating available technologies into an organization's daily operations and management. The key lies in adapting to technological changes within an institutional framework. This ongoing process demands a culture that embraces technology. 

    The ultimate goal is for technology to support organizational objectives seamlessly. Standards, such as those outlined by the Illinois State Board of Education Learning Technology Center (isbe.net), are crucial in evaluating technology integration by providing measurable benchmarks.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Felicia Lee

As the Technology Integration Coordinator, I am driven by a passion for integrating technology into education. I strive to infuse innovative tools and strategies into the district's curriculum. Collaborating with teachers, administrators, and IT professionals is central to my role, ensuring the successful implementation of technology initiatives.
Through fostering a tech-savvy learning environment, my goal is to empower students and equip them for the challenges of the digital age.

Together, we prepare our students for the digital world.

Applications & Tools

Learning Technology Center

  • The Learning Technology Center (LTC)

  • Classroom Integration

  • Online & Blended Learning

  • Digital Literacy & Citizenship

  • Computer Science & STEM

  • Digital Leadership

  • Technology Planning, Procurement and Evaluation

  • Connectivity and Digital Equity

  • Network & Systems Management

  • Data Privacy

  • Cybersecurity

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