• Homebound/Hospital




    The Illinois School Code provides for a continuation of learning when a student has had their classroom activities disrupted by physical/medical problems. 


    The purpose of Home/Hospital Services is to facilitate learning while students are unable to attend school for a physical or mental health condition. Home/Hospital Services may be provided to any student when it is anticipated that, due to a medical condition (in the opinion of a licensed physician), the child will be unable to attend school for a period of 10 or more days or on an ongoing intermittent basis. 


    An “ongoing intermittent basis” is defined as: such a nature or severity that it is anticipated that the child will be absent from school due to the medical condition for periods of at least 2 days at a time multiple times during the school year totaling at least 10 days or more of absences. 

    Home/Hospital services require:

    • Physician’s signature and completion of Homebound Service Request Form
    • Specific diagnosis
    • Length of time out of school
    • Parental consent

    During student absence from school, a certified teacher (service provider) will serve as a liaison between the school and home/hospital. The classroom teacher continues to be responsible for class content and will assist in providing needed information/materials.  The tutor will not assign classwork or grade classwork.  The tutor will return the completed work for the student’s teacher to grade. 

    For further information regarding home/hospital services, please contact Vanessa Schmitt, Director of Specialized Services, at (708) 338-5919.