College & Career Academies of Proviso West
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    The College & Career Academies of Proviso West will prepare students to confidently pursue the postsecondary training and career path of their choosing in a globally competitive society. Driven by student interest and workforce projections, our Academies provide access to authentic, hands-on learning experiences that cultivate social and emotional well-being through teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Within the Academies, all students choose an interdisciplinary program of study comprised of academically rigorous core subjects and specialized courses in their career area. Academy teachers incorporate real-world examples into coursework for students that is relevant to their program of study. Upon successful completion of specialized coursework and proficiency evaluation, students have an opportunity to earn certifications and/or endorsements in select career and technical pursuits. Students will progress through their Academy with peers who share similar interests and a common team of teachers, which builds camaraderie and a culture of belonging. 


    In summary, The College & Career Academies of Proviso West provide students access to:  

    • Relevant and rigorous curriculum and instruction 
    • Increased community and business engagement 
    • Opportunities for professional certifications 
    • 21st century skills such as leadership, civic literacy, social responsibility, global and cultural awareness, communication, problem solving, and technological literacy 
    • Opportunities to form closer relationships with teachers and advisors 
    • Practical work experience through job shadowing and internships 
    • Opportunities to learn in the context of an industry or subject theme 
    • Preparation for career success through both formal education and life experience


    The College & Career Academies of Proviso West are divided into the following personalized learning communities:

    Freshman Success Academy (FSA)

    Colors: red & navy

    Mission: The Freshman Success Academy fosters a successful transition to high school through a variety of academically rigorous and socially nurturing learning opportunities that develops a student's sense of agency and provides the necessary knowledge base and skills required to thrive in high school and beyond.

    Wellness & Society Academy (WSA)

    Colors: red & gold

    Mission: The Wellness & Society Academy prepares students to provide culturally aware and socially responsible care for humanity through careers in education, health sciences, and wellness.

    Career Clusters within WSA: Education & Training | Hospitality & Tourism | Human Services | Health Services | Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 

    Technology & Innovation Academy (TIA)

    Colors: red & purple

    Mission: The Technology & Innovation Academy develops students with the leading-edge skills and spirit of inquiry required for careers that address complex scientific and societal issues.

    Career Clusters within TIA: Architecture & Construction | Information Technology | Manufacturing | STEM | Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

    Global Business Academy (GBA)

    Colors: red & green

    Mission: The Global Business Academy cultivates enterprising students who possess the creative communication ability and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for careers in a globally competitive society.

    Career Clusters within GBA: Arts & Communication | Business Management & Administration | Finance | Marketing



    The Freshman Success Academy fosters a successful transition to high school through a variety of academically rigorous and socially nurturing learning opportunities that develops a student’s sense of agency and provides the necessary knowledge base and skills required to thrive in high school and beyond.

    Statement of Beliefs:

    • Education is necessary for personal success and healthy development;
    • Learning must be rigorous, relevant, and life-long;
    • We must empower all students to take an active role in a personalized learning experience while holding students accountable for their choices, actions, and learning;
    • Career education leads to motivated, productive individuals;
    • Positive attitudes are contagious;
    • The freshman academy is an essential step to the successful completion of high school;
    • Small learning communities create an environment that fosters school pride, loyalty, and ownership;
    • Parents and the community must be involved in the educational process;
    • The personal character and social development of students can be fostered at school;
    • People learn in a variety of ways recognizing that there are multiple intelligences; and
    • Diversity with teamwork creates and strengthens a healthy community.



    • We envision that the Freshman Success Academy will:
    • Promote academic excellence and personal achievement through a challenging curriculum and character development;
    • Create a positive culture and a safe and secure environment;
    • Provide educational opportunities that will maximize student potential;
    • Prepare students to successfully transition to tenth grade by maintaining a close connection with the spirit and activities of high school;
    • Prepare students to make informed decisions about career opportunities by exposing them to a variety of college and career pathways;
    • Help students establish a sense of pride in themselves, others and the school community; and
    • Prepare students to be lifelong learners who demonstrate good citizenship.