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    School Dress Code & Student Appearance

    Student ID Cards

    All students must wear student identification cards (IDs) on a lanyard around the student’s neck that is always visible at all times during the school day. Students in violation of this rule will receive appropriate disciplinary consequences.

    School Dress Code & Student Appearance 

    Proviso Township High Schools recognize that there are individual differences among students, and that the major responsibility for acceptable dress and grooming lies with the individual student and the parents/guardians. Students may not dress in a manner disruptive to the educational process or that threatens the health, safety, welfare, or property of themselves or others. The following dress code guidelines have been put in place to assist in attaining a safe and educationally conducive environment at Proviso Township High Schools. These guidelines are not meant to restrict the wearing of religious attire. Exceptions to these guidelines may be approved for individual students due to medical conditions, with a doctor’s note verified by the school nurse.

    The administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s appearance constitutes or may constitute a disruption to the educational environment. Some specific guidelines concerning school dress include:

    A. For reasons of health and safety, all students shall wear footwear. All flip flops, slides, sandals without heel straps and cleated shoes are prohibited. 

    B. No hats, shower caps, night caps or other items covering the head may be worn and must be placed in the student’s locker during the school day.

    C. Hooded sweatshirts may be worn, but the hoods may not be worn over the head while in the building.

    D. No outerwear style coats shall be worn in the building.

    E. No sunglasses shall be worn in the building.

    F. Accessories that could be used as weapons are expressly forbidden.

    G. Clothing which displays gang symbols, gang affiliation, or other gang references is prohibited.

    H. Clothing that is considered revealing is prohibited. Such clothing includes but is not limited to bare midriffs, crop tops, sagging pants, short shorts, short skirts, see-through or mesh items, etc. Undergarments must not be visible.

    I. The hem of shorts or skirts when worn at the waist must extend lower than the student’s fingertips when held at the side with arm and fingers extended.

    J. Clothing that contains insignia, symbols, or words that are likely to offend members of any race, sex, religion, nationality, or ethnic group is prohibited.

    K. Clothing that depicts or advertises alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or other substances or activities that would be illegal for high school students is prohibited.

    L. Clothing that contains messages or symbols that include inappropriate language are prohibited. Such items include but are not limited to those that contain language, messages, or symbols of a sexual or suggestive nature.