Gamer's Club


     Open to anyone interested in gaming, Gamers club provides a space for students to play and compete in games of their choice. Primarily focused on video games, club members get to try out new games brought weekly by members, and engage in multiplayer-friendly competition. From showing off single-player skills to participating in mini-bracket tournaments, players get to interact with one another for bragging rights. Although the main spotlight is on video gaming, the club also provides space for an encourages other forms of gaming such as card, board, and tabletop gaming. Future aspirations involve seeking funding for an eventual creation of a competitive PC gaming team, or eSports, and exploring the avenues of the gaming industry as a viable career option.

    Sponsor's Name:  Mr. Kujawa

    Email Address: 

    Meeting Room:  111

    Meeting Day(s):  Tuesday

    Meeting Time:  3:30 pm - 4:30 pm