Genealogy Club (Family Tree)


    What to expect

    · Learn how to research primary and secondary sources

    · Learn something about your family (no guarantee how far back)

    · Learn how to interview and talk to your family as well as document info

    · Learn how to interpret records, newspaper records, visit cemeteries to locate information

    · Learn US and World history

    · Know that there are not records for everything for everyone. Some were destroyed in fires and are not accessible such as the 1890 Federal Census and certain WWII combat records. Or destroyed in Wars.

    Resources you can utilize for free (Ms. P already subscribes)

    · (digitized records from all over the world)

    · (digitized newspapers from around the country)

    · Genealogy (publicized obituaries and other records)

    · (military records)

    · Find A (largest cemetery database) free

    · (Make your own trees for free)

    DNA Opportunity

    · With the permission of your parent/fundraise to purchase your very own DNA kit and find out where around the world your ancestors came from.

    · $59 on sale at out maps, information about the countries or areas that your ancestors came from/get a better understanding of who you are

    · Find possible family members/cousins that you did not know and learn more about your family. (Never give current personal information to people you do not know) Talk about past relatives.

    Why is Ms. P qualified to help you research your family?

    · I have been researching since I was curious in high school.

    · I interview my older family members and they shared stories, which I wrote down and pictures, which I made copies of in scrap books.

    · I learned how to research in libraries and then on the Internet to locate records.

    · Currently I have over 17,000 names on my tree.

    · I have volunteered and created over 4,600 memorials and contributed nearly 8,000 photos to Find A

    · I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, which I had to prove direct lineage to a Patriot of the American Revolution.

    · I know what it is like not to know who your family is. This project has helped me to understand the; Good, Bad, and Ugly of family relations and how world events have affected my family as a whole.


    Please contact for any additional information needed. Jessica Piemonte ( Room 156 and Student Council Room 218


    Sponsor's Name:  Ms. Piemonte

    Email Address:


    Meeting Room:  156

    Meeting Day(s):  Wednesday

    Meeting Time:  3:30 pm - 4:30 pm