Alternative Programs

  • District 209 Alternative Program Options

    Proviso Township High Schools District 209 offers the DREAM, PEACE and Seniors Plus alternative programs under the Proviso Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (Proviso ALOP), which is operated in partnership with the West 40 Intermediate Service Center. District 209 has operated an ALOP program in cooperation with West 40 since January 2015.

    DREAM Program

    The purpose of the DREAM Program is to provide students who are critically credit-deficient with the opportunity to recover credit during the school day. The DREAM Program operates out of the Personalized Learning Centers that have been established at Proviso East and Proviso West. Students are generally assigned to original credit English and math classes taught by District 209 teachers assigned to the DREAM Program, and also to a credit recovery period. Together, these three periods are considered the “DREAM Block,” with one block in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students are then scheduled into regular classes for the portion of the day outside the DREAM Block.

    DREAM Brochure - Proviso East

    DREAM Brochure - Proviso West

    PEACE Program

    The purpose of the PEACE Program is to provide programming for students at risk of not graduating due to behavior-related issues in a supportive, smaller learning envoriment. The PEACE Program has the capacity to serve a total of 60 students during two daily sessions. Students are placed in the PEACE Program by recommendation of school staff. Students may also be placed at PEACE in lieu of expulsion.

    Seniors Plus Program

    The purpose of the Seniors Plus is to meet the needs of those students who are in their fifth or later year of high school and who have not yet completed their graduation requirements. In the Seniors Plus program, students will complete the coursework needed to meet those requirements. The Seniors Plus Program has the capacity to serve a total of 60 students during two daily sessions. The program is located in the PEACE Center.

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    Please contact Michelle Hassan at 708-338-5938 or by email at if you have any questions about District 209 alternative programming.