With a focus on the district goal of Enhancing Academic Achievement, we are utilizing the collaborative efforts of district resources as well as community partnerships towards one  measurable  objective:

    For Proviso students to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills that will set them apart in this global economy. 

    Six major activities of Global Ready Initiative:

    • Students will be able to translate information gained through personal and career exploration into a postsecondary plan for attainment of a credential and entry into the world of work.  

    • Students will participate in career-focused activities to include inventories that assess aptitude and interest, a job site observation, a mock interview, and a job shadowing and/or internship experience.  

    • Students will select a postsecondary training opportunity that meets their financial and career goals 

    • Students will develop an individual career/learning plan to guide them through their goals.  

    • Students will explore academic and technical skills necessary for employability in a global economy.   

    • Utilizing the freshman support and guided curriculum students will master adaptive competencies.  

    Students have the opportunity to explore career pathways through the career academy model at Proviso East and Proviso West as well as the IB Programme at PMSA. Our school counselors work with students using the Illinois PaCE Model to guide their individual learning plans and assist students with making course selections that are aligned to their interests and post-secondary goals.

    What is a College and Career Academy?

    The Model

    The model involves creating small learning communities within the high school. This model incorporates several innovative features, including a family-like atmosphere, college preparation, and real-world experiences with local businesses and professionals.

    Students at Proviso East choose from one of three College and Career Readiness Academies: Arts & Communication (ACA), Business & Human Services (BHS), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The Freshman Academy serves as a support academy. Each academy has a subset of teachers and a team that work together with a subset of students for a three- to four-year span. Each academy has a career theme, shows students links between their academic subjects and this theme, and involves employers and higher education institutions in preparing students to confront an ever-changing global workplace.

    Features of a College and Career Readiness Academy

    Academies include:

    • Small learning communities
    • College preparation that is coordinated with a career focus or theme
    • A variety of project-based learning activities, field trips, speakers, mentor program, career exploration, career fairs, internships, and regular monitoring of progress with feedback of students
    • AP credit, dual credit, industry certification, endorsements, and licensure
    • Cross-curricular projects

    Overview of Roles

    • Academies are small learning communities within a high school with a selected subset of students and an academy team. The academy team consists of the academy assistant principal, teachers, dean, school counselor, secretary, and social worker. Academy classes are often blocked back-to-back in the daily schedule, and students attend as a group, what is often referred to as cohort scheduling.
    • An academy involves teachers from different subject areas working together as a team. This team manages the academy, with the academy principal serving as the lead. Teams shall participate in professional developments, particularly in implementing the key features of the model and gaining exposure to the career field. Team members have common planning period which can be used for regular working sessions where the team can work collaboratively and consult one another on student progress, academy issues, and academy activities.

    ILCollege2Career.com allows school counselors, parents, and students to compare employment and earnings post-graduation from Illinois colleges and universities.  The site links employment and higher education data so users can compare the relative earnings value of college degrees. 

    The data is broken down by schools and area of study, so that students can compare the earnings potential of business degrees, for example, from different public and private institutions in the state.  Another main goal of the tool is for higher education institutions to have feedback loops on the outcomes of their students, to foster insights, and to drive improvements in course offerings and support services.  The mobile-friendly website has two aspects: a public-facing student/parent portal and an internal institutional researcher portal for each two- and four-year Illinois college and university.  ILCollege2Career.com is the product of collaboration between the Governor’s Office, Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). This tool is useful for student assignments.



    Career Cluster –A context for studying traditional academics and learning skills specific to a potential career and provide many U.S. schools with a structure for organizing curriculum offerings and focusing classes by a common theme and/or area of interest. The U.S. Department of Education, through partnerships with industry and educational leaders, has identified 16 Career Clusters each with its own area of focus. Proviso East offers programs allowing students to pursue interests within 14 of those clusters.

    Career Pathway –While a Career Cluster is a thematic grouping of careers that share common features and/or skills, the career pathway is a smaller group of careers and jobs within the cluster that require common background and skill development. The 16 Career Clusters identified by the U.S. Department of Education encompass over 70 different career pathways.

    Each Academy at Proviso East facilitates a student’s journey through the pathway she/he has selected.  The Arts and Communication Academy offers students access to 6 pathways in one Career Cluster.  STEM offers students eleven career pathways in 5 of the 16 Career Clusters. Students electing to enter the Business and Human Services Academy will have access to 10 pathways in 8 of the Career Clusters.

    Certifications – Depending on the selected Career Pathway, students may have access to certifications available in that area. All certifications are credentials awarded to students by an independent third party which verifies the qualifications or competencies in a given area. These certifications are utilized by employers and industry leaders in hiring, recruitment, and employee screening.

    Key Electives –These courses have been identified as being areas of study that could greatly benefit students either in the specific pathway or in meeting the expectations of an ever-changing, global community. Students should take a minimum of one key elective each year from 10th grade through graduation.

    Pathway Courses –Courses identified as pathway courses are essential to the appropriate training and preparation necessary to enter the identified area. Students will take a minimum of 1 pathway course each of their 10th, 11th, and 12thgrade years. Some students that have identified an interest early in their career at Proviso East may also take a pathway course in the 9th-grade year. Examples of pathway courses taken in 9th grade are Project Lead The Way, Spanish 1 or 2, French 1, and Digital Literacy.

    Program of Study – The courses and experiences that comprise a student’s full preparation experience at Proviso East. Each Program of Study includes core academic content and essential career and technical training. The program of study at Proviso East includes the traditional core academic courses, pathway courses, key electives, job and career “soft skills” training, and opportunities to gain access to the field of interest.

    Project Lead The Way (PLTW) – A set of curricular programs that provide students access to real-world, applied learning experiences that empower them to gain the skills they need to thrive in college, career, and beyond. A nationally recognized program, PLTW provides teachers with professional training in the programming and how to best support the students’ pursuit of deeper understanding. Currently, Proviso East provides PLTW programming in the area of engineering, but we continue to explore the expansion of this into Computer Science and/or Biomedical Science.