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Underclassmen Locker Clean Out

It is that time of the year to pick up items from your lockers. To start the process, students will receive a date and time to visit the school. All visitors are required to enter the building wearing a mask. If visitors do not have a mask, the school will provide one upon entry at Door 1.

Students can return books to the Book Room and calculators to the IT Office. All classroom calculators should be returned to the tech office. There is no need to return student assigned computers. If an appointment is missed, students will have to reschedule. Students will be charged for items not returned. Those individuals not able to attend must reschedule with Ms. Tellez at (847) 261-4410.

Visitors must respect prevention best practices and must stay six feet away from other individuals in the building. If you decide not to clean out your locker, your items will be thrown away.

Click on the file below to view a list of your date and time to clean out your locker. It is organized by the ID number (from greatest to smallest).