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D209 Says Goodbye to Financial Oversight Panel After 10 Years of Service

PTHS D209 announced during its December joint school board meeting that, after ten years, the Financial Oversight Panel will officially dissolve on December 31, 2019.

The Financial Oversight Panel was appointed by the Illinois State Board of Education in 2008 to help the district achieve financial stability. Since then, the strong partnership between the Board of Education, Superintendent, and the Financial Oversight Panel has positioned PTHS D209 with a solid financial future. The financial structure put in place has given the district the capacity to further invest in instruction, infrastructure, and the capital needs of our schools.

Superintendent Rodriguez thanked the Financial Oversight Panel during the joint meeting for establishing fiscal responsibility and sustainability at PTHS D209. He addressed members of the Financial Oversight Panel by stating, “The Financial Oversight Panel has played a key role by providing a high level of expertise. You helped us pave the way to obtaining 77 million for Phase 1 of our FMP and obtaining a budget surplus for the last couple of years. This is excellent work without raising taxes. We are ready to take Proviso to the next level and will continue to stay disciplined.” Following Superintendent Rodriguez’s remarks, the Financial Oversight Panel was presented with a small token of appreciation.

photo of fop

Deb Vespa, Socrates Rivers, Merilee McCracken Dr. Craig Schilling, Nick Cavaliere


Although PTHS D209 looks forward to the next chapter, District leaders and Board members are grateful and proud of all the accomplishments that have set a solid foundation as the district continues to ensure a world-class education for all students. For the first time in the district’s history, Superintendent Rodriguez and the Board of Education accomplished the following:

  • Created and approved a 5-year financial and staffing plan
  • Designed and funded Phase 1 of a 10-year Facility Master Plan without raising taxes 
  • Maintained balanced budgets
  • Obtained an A+ Bond Rating
  • Obtained a 3.9 State designated financial recognition
  • Funded strategic objectives and initiatives that support student learning
  • Increased instructional funding at the schools

Regarding these accomplishments, Board President Ned Wagner stated, “I am beyond proud of the transformational work Dr. Rodriguez and the Board of Education has accomplished over the last few years. Through disciplined actions, together, we have fulfilled the requirements set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education to enable the Financial Oversight Panel to exit the district.” He further stated, “I am proud and privileged to have been on the Board of Education that supported him through this amazing process that proved to the world that the people of Proviso Township are capable of governing and providing for the quality public education of generations of our children.  Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez.”

During a special board meeting on December 17, the Board of Education presented Dr. Rodriguez with a plaque for his continuous pursuit of academic excellence, financial state recognition, reframing the district’s instructional infrastructure, and the visionary plan for PTHS D209. The Board of Education is proud of its achievements and will continue on its pursue for educational excellence.

photo of superintendent and board of education receiving plaque

Rodney Alexander, Samuel Valtierrez, Dr. Jesse Rodriguez, Theresa L. Kelly, Claudia Medina, Ned Wagner