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PTHS D209 Expands Summer Program Opportunities

PTHS D209 is proud to announce that more programs have been added to our list of summer course offering. Summer course offerings are designed for students to further explore their academic and career interests and learn valuable skills. Courses range from credit course recovery to STEAM camps. Summer Programs Registration runs from April 17 through June 5, 2019.

In addition to offering an academic camp to freshman, PTHS D209 will be offering an academic camp for sophomores this summer. These camps are designed not only to develop literacy and math skills but to enhance prosocial skills as well. Students will be motivated and challenged in a fun and safe environment.

During the summer students will have an opportunity to enroll in the following types of programs: 

  • Recovery Courses (Taken to replace a course a student has failed)
  • Original Credit Courses (Courses taken for the first time)
  • Freshman STEAM Camp (5-week camp for incoming freshmen. Application required)
  • Summer Theme Camps (Theme camps for freshmen and sophomores)

PTHS D209 Superintendent Jesse J. Rodriguez stated, “In Summer 2018, PTHS D209 launched an enrichment program that included original credit courses in journalism, mural arts, and consumer education. This year, we have expanded our summer programs to include freshman STEAM programs where students must create a product and execute a real startup company. We look forward to seeing our students this summer!”

A list of summer course offering can be found in the 2019 Summer School Catalog.

Please follow the instruction below to register for a summer program.

We look forward to a great summer!


 How to Enroll for Original Credit Courses

  1. Meet with counselor to obtain a registration form.
  2. Return completed registration form to the counselor prior to registration deadline. There is no fee for PTHS D209

Non-district students will be required to verify residency and pay course fee.

How to Enroll for STEAM Course

  1. Complete application form. Forms can be found in the Main Offices of each Proviso High School and online at Applications must be completed and submitted by May 20, 2019 in order to be considered.
  2. Selected participants will be notified by May 24, Acceptance forms must be returned by June 1, 2019 to secure your spot in the program. Instructions for return will be included on acceptance letter.


How to Enroll in Freshman Transition and Sophomore Enrichment Camp

  1. Complete application Forms can be found in the Main Offices at Proviso East and Proviso West or online using this link: Proviso Summer Camp. Spots are limited and will be awarded in the order in which they are received.
  2. Complete and return the acceptance form no later than May 24, Instructions for return will be included on the form.

Counselor Contact: Antoinette Rayburn,   Manager of College and Career Readiness

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Proviso West

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For additional information, please contact Ms. Carla Johnson at (708) 338-5934.