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Proviso Township High Schools District 209 (PTHS D209) is pleased to announce the release of the District’s At A Glance document which highlights selected Points of Pride as they align to the district’s mission, vision, goals and guiding principles. These results were attained by carrying out the district’s motto: “One Team, One Goal, One Proviso” which exemplifies a unified framework in which stakeholders collaboratively engage to ensure a world-class education and services that empower all members of the PTHS D209 community. PTHS D209 has developed and maintained solid partnerships with community and business leaders who have contributed to enhance the Proviso experience through a process of continuous improvement for children and young adults.

PTHS D209 is proud of its successes as they reflect the accomplishments of students, teachers, staff, parents, and community. As Superintendent Jesse J. Rodriguez reflected on these accomplishments, he stated, “These accomplishments are special and need to be celebrated with deep respect and reverence, not only for the students we celebrate, but for the staff and faculty who make these moments memorable. Ultimately, these accomplishments took place as a result of the Board of Education’s hard work and continuous focus on its goals, core beliefs and guiding principles.” He explains that the vision is brought to life through an established learning culture of positivity, enthusiasm, inspiration, dedication to continuous improvement, equitable services, and the empowerment of leaders. According to Dr. Rodriguez, education does not exist within a vacuum as it is based upon the needs of a constantly developing society. PTHS D209 will continue to accomplish what is best for students and the district through the identification and establishment of goals based on collective inquiry focused on the best interest of children and families. Rodríguez further stated, “I am not one to rest on the shadow of yesterday’s successes but one who works with others to create a brighter future for all members of the learning community.”



Photo of At A Glance Document

Photo of PTHS D209 At A Glance document