• What is a College and Career Academy?

    The Model

    The model involves creating small learning communities within the high school. This model incorporates a number of innovative features, including a family-like atmosphere, college preparation and real-world experiences with local businesses and professionals.

    At Proviso East we have transformed into three College and Career Readiness Academies: Arts & Communication (ACA), Business & Human Services (BHS), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The Freshman Academy will remain in place as a support academy. For the 2017-2018 school year we will only have freshman and sophomores in academies. Each academy has a subset of teachers and academy team that work together with a subset of students for a three-year span. Each academy has a career theme, shows students links between their academic subjects and this theme, and involves employers and higher education institutions in preparing students for college and a career.

    Features of a College and Career Readiness Academy

    Academies include:

    • Small learning communities
    • College preparation that is coordinated with a career focus or theme
    • A variety of project-based learning activities, field trips, speakers, mentor program, career exploration, career fairs, internships, and regular monitoring of progress with feedback of students
    • AP credit, dual credit, industry certification, endorsements, and licensure


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