• Proviso Township High Schools D209 E-Learning Plan

    In accordance with Board of Education Policy 4:180 Pandemic Preparedness, and Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) 105 5/10-19 E-Learning Days, Proviso Township High Schools District 209 has developed a plan for E-Learning to be implemented in case of emergency closure of schools.

    When school is closed due to an emergency, an E-Learning day may be called. E-Learning allows for student instruction to be received electronically while students are not physically present in the school. The following plan details the expectations for implementation of E-Learning days. Per ILCS 105 5/10-19, it has been designed to “reasonably and practically” accomplish the following:

    Ensure and verify at least 5 clock hours of instruction or school work, as required under Section 10-19 .05, for each student participating in an E-Learning day.

    An E-Learning day is a regular school day. Faculty and administration will be accessible to students from 8:00 AM – 3:15 PM. Students must access assignments and complete them within the given timeframe.

    Ensure access from home or other appropriate remote facility for all students participating, including computers, the Internet, and other forms of electronic communication that must be utilized in the proposed program.

    All students and faculty have been provided laptops by PTHS D209. These devices will be used to access the E-Learning site and materials.

    Ensure that non-electronic materials are made available to students participating in the program who do not have access to the required technology or to participating teachers or students who are prevented from accessing the required technology.

    In these specific circumstances, students will be provided with paper materials before the E-Learning day when possible. All students are encouraged to bring textbooks and laptops home each day so that assignment resources are available in case of an emergency closure. Students may also visit community partner locations that are open and allow students to access Wi-Fi. These partners are aware of the E-Learning plan and welcome student visitors.

    Students with no internet access will not be penalized and accommodations will be made to help them complete their work. An extended window of five days will allow students time to complete their work. Students may also work in the library or during ELOS before and after school during the five-day window.

    PTHS D209 provides information to students and parents about low-cost Internet programs that are available from Comcast and AT&T. This information is available in English and Spanish on our website and is promoted during special activities when parents are in the school.

    Ensure appropriate learning opportunities for students with special needs.

    Students with special needs will have virtual access to special education teachers to assist with instructional tasks. Tasks will also be communicated to families via Teams, phone, or email.

    Special education students will complete the attendance procedure and given assignments with access to their accommodations and special education teachers and case manager for guidance/assistance.

    Special Education students with severe and profound disabilities are generally enrolled in the life skills classes or transition services. These students also have a laptop and their E-Learning day activities and lessons are set up and designed by their case manager/special education teacher. These activities and lessons are specifically developed with instructional materials that are appropriate for the student based on their needs and individualized education plan. The activities and lessons allow students to continue to work on their IEP goals during the E-Learning day. Since all the E-Learning activities are extensions of the academic activities students would complete during a traditional school day, special education students continue progress towards skills as if school was in session.

    Monitor and verify each student's electronic participation.

    Students must complete and submit the E-Learning Attendance link by 10:00 am each day. If students do not submit the link to record their attendance, they will be marked absent for the day. Teachers will complete a feedback survey that describes student engagement and assignment completion at the conclusion of an E-Learning day.

    Ensure an opportunity for any collective bargaining negotiations with representatives of the school district's employees that would be legally required, including all classifications of school district employees who are represented by collective bargaining agreements and who would be affected in the event of an E-Learning day.

    The plan was developed collaboratively with input from district level leaders, school leaders, teachers, community partners, and the Proviso Teacher’s Union.

    Review and revise the program as implemented to address difficulties

    Data will be collected following each E-Learning instance. This data will be reviewed by the District Technology Team and will inform any needed revisions. The plan will be reviewed and updated at the end of each school year, unless data indicate a need for an immediate change.