• Research Mentorship

    What is mentorship?

    The PMSA Research Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for students to obtain individualized guidance from a professional. Where possible, student participants are paired with a mentor knowledgeable in a similar field of study, research interest, and/or extracurricular activity. Student researchers will be expected to attend class daily and their assigned mentorship day weekly.


    The following represents a selection of required activities:

    • Review Research Core Concepts introduced during their Junior Year
    • Create and Present a Personal College Presentation
    • Develop an Electronic Portfolio
    • Maintain a Research Journal
    • Participate in Weekly Workshop Contributions
    • Develop and present a Research Lesson to be presented to the Junior Research Core Students
    • Work side by side with a Mentor
    • Develop a Research Question
    • Develop and write a Literature Review
    • Create and format a Research Poster
    • Present at the Annual Research Symposium
    • Participate in Closing Tasks and Activities