Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's Placement Tests for Music and World Language will take place virtually. Please see instructions below.

  • Greetings Class of 2025,
    All incoming freshmen are required to take a World Language placement test for either French or Spanish. This will ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate World Language class.
    The test will be completed through Microsoft Forms.  You can access the appropriate forms by clicking on one of the links below.
    Please note: 
    • There is one link for French and two different links for Spanish.  
    • If you speak Spanish at home, please take the "Spanish Placement Test for Native Speakers."  
    • If you do NOT speak Spanish at home, please take the "Spanish Placement Test for Non-Native Speakers."

    Please complete ONE of the placement tests no later than February 20th without any assistance from others and without the use of aids such as online resources or apps like Google Translate, English/Spanish/French dictionary, etc. You should complete the test with integrity to show your true language proficiency. Honesty, not perfection is the goal.

    Once received, the PMSA staff will determine the best placement for you, and your journey at PMSA can begin!

    If you are unable to access the test online, please contact Angela Marino, Division Head at PMSA at 708-338-5939 or via email at amarino@pths209.org to schedule an individual appointment to take the test in person on a school-issued laptop. Safety protocols will be followed.

    We look forward to receiving your French OR Spanish placement test by Saturday, February 20th.

    Thank you,

    World Languages Department