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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

    What is the class schedule for Remote Learning starting in August 2020?  



    What are expectations for students during eLearning days?  

    Remote learning is designed for you to continue your education during a school closure. Your teachers will be available during your regular class period via email, chat, and Microsoft Teams Meet Now, to communicate to you regarding assignments or other needed supports. Log into Microsoft Teams to participate in your classes. Click here for the video on how to sign into Microsoft Teams.  


    Is there another way to access Microsoft Teams in the event my laptop isn’t working?  

    You can also download the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile device to serve as a back-up to your laptop applications. Click here to download the app for mobile devices.  


    How will eLearning day assignments be communicated?  

    All assignments will be communicated online through Microsoft Teams, the classroom eLearning portal. Complete assignments during the given timeframes. Click here for the video on how to access assignments and class resources.  


    Will assignments be graded during the closure?  

    Yes. The Illinois State Board of Education has provided guidance to school districts relative to school closures, calendar, attendance, and grading, while also encouraging districts to implement educational opportunities that work best for their students and families.   


    Is attendance being taken on eLearning days?  



    What if we don’t have Internet access at our home?   

    If your area has Comcast service available they have recently offered free and low-cost internet access options for those in need. If Comcast service is not available we have a limited number of internet hotspots available, please contact the D209 Help Desk at 708.338.5911 or via e-mail at For more information about the Comcast WiFi available, click here.   


    What if my child has an IEP or 504 plan?  

    Students with special needs will have virtual access to special education teachers to assist with instructional tasks. Tasks will also be communicated to families via Teams, phone, or email. Special education students will complete the attendance procedure and given assignments with access to their accommodations and special education teachers and case manager for guidance/assistance. Special Education students with severe and profound disabilities are generally enrolled in the life skills classes or transition services. These students also have a laptop and their E-Learning day activities and lessons are set up and designed by their case manager/special education teacher. These activities and lessons are specifically developed with instructional materials that are appropriate for the student based on their needs and individualized education plan. The activities and lessons allow students to continue to work on their IEP goals during the E-Learning day. Since all the E-Learning activities are extensions of the academic activities students would complete during a traditional school day, special education students continue progress towards skills as if school was in session.

    Every effort will be made to continue the calendar of scheduled IEP meetings. Meetings may be held via alternate means, including telephone or videoconference. Please reach out to your case manager or with questions or support needs.  

    See further guidance from ISBE at the following link:  


    Are teachers accessible at all times during the day via electronic means?  

    Students and parents have several options to contact school faculty and staff. Students and/or parents who reach out between 8:00 AM- 3:15 PM should receive a response within 60 minutes of contact.  This includes ELOS periods on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 8:00-8:50 am where teachers will be available for additional targeted support and to help with make-up work, re-doing assignments etc. Contact your teachers, counselors, or administrators, as needed during the school day hours. Click here for the video on how to communicate within Microsoft Teams.  

    Communication Options:  

    • Proviso Email  
    • Microsoft Teams chat, conversation, and Meet Now (video call)  
    • Phone  


    Who can I contact if I need technology support??  

    If you need technical assistance, remote technology support will be available Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A Helpdesk ticket and can generated using one of the methods below:  

    • Calling: 708.338.5911  
    • Logging into Outlook and sending an email to  
    • Clicking on the Helpdesk icon located on your desktop  

    Parents, if you would like to offer feedback about your student's technology, please click here.


    What are the expectations for full time and part-time dual credit students at Triton College?  

    Please connect with Ms. Williams at  



    What do I do if I need to go to the building for something?  

    The building is closed except by appointment. Please contact or at 708.202.6311 to make an appointment.   


    Are meals available for pick-up?  

    Yes. D209 will provide free meals during mandated school closures for school aged children 18 and under. Families can pick up meals at their nearest PTHS D209 school. At Proviso West, please enter through the Visitor’s Entrance (Door 1). Please see the District 209 wesite for additional details.


    I need help that is otherwise not covered above. How do I get in touch with someone?  





    Mr. Joe Kosina

    Interim Principal 


    Mr. Joe Kosina 

    Assistant Principal 


    Dr. Maxine Jeremiah 

    Assistant Principal 


    Mr. Danny Savage

    Athletic Director 


    Ms. Kate Foster 

    College & Career Academy Coordinator 



    Dean (Freshmen) 708.202.6575  

    Dr. Dianna Thomas

    Dean (Grades 10-12, Last Names A - K)


    Mr. Ernest Travis

    Dean (Grades 10-12, Last Names L - Z)