C.A.P.E. Assessment

  • State Assessments

    College Board SAT SAT Suite (PSAT 8/9, PSAT10, NMSQT, SAT)

    The SAT Suite of assessments supports the SAT by measuring the same skills and knowledge that make sense for different grade levels. The SAT is a college admission test that requires students to apply academic knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, and math.


    ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is an ISBE-mandated English Language proficiency assessment.  ACCESS is for students learning the English language in grades K-12. This assessment tracks students over multiple years to measure their progress in acquiring English proficiency.

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    DLM-AA Testing

    Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment (DLM-AA) is provided to students who are not elligible to take the P/SAT in grades 9-12. This assessment meets the federal requirement for measuring the learning of cognitively impaired students. DLM-AA alternate assessment is provided to students who have been identified with the most significant cognitive disabilities.


    Illinois Science Assessment (ISA)

    All Illinois students enrolled in high school in Grade 11 will complete the Illinois Science Assessment. All students in grade 11 must participate in ISA, regardless of any previous participation in a Biology I course-based ISA. The science test will measure the full range of the Illinois Learning Standards for science, but will not assess every performance expectation on any one test. Performance expectations representing all three science disciplines and all eight Science and Engineering Practices.


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    5Essentials Survey

    This survey generates valuable data that districts can use to guide their ongoing efforts to improve schools and to offer students an excellent education. The survey is another improvement tool that allows districts and the state to share data as a means to inform parents and community members about the school’s learning environment. Parents, Students and Teachers participate in this survey. 

  • District Assessments

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    Achieve3000 Reading Screener  

    Achieve3000 LevelSet measures reading comprehension of nonfiction text in English and Spanish. Some students may take this assessment based on their participation in specific programs.

    district logo District Common Interim Assessments

    Proviso Township District 209 administers assessments created by district staff in each content area to measure student's learning and achievement.