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    CCC Reminder

    • Students and teachers from many different schools helped designed CCC so that the

    lessons are more helpful and meaningful for all classroom participants.

    • Many questions will ask you “what you think” or “to make predictions.”

    The only answer that is wrong is the answer that is left blank.

    • Prefixes and suffixes on words can help you discover the meaning of a word.

    • Use the vocabulary section and note section to take good notes so that studying for

    tests and quizzes will be easier.

    • Supporting claims with evidence is not only a skill that scientists use, but a skill that

    will help you in other classes and everyday life.

    • Draw a key when you are sketching. Symbolic keys can help you and others decode

    your sketches at a later time.

    • Ions are charged particles that show up with a grey halo in the simulations. Ions

    make up ionic compounds. Use the periodic table to determine the charge of an ion.


    UIC CCC Simulations


    System Requirements

    The Connected Chemistry Curriculum has a software component (a set of Simulations)

    which is available at The Connected Chemistry Curriculum website, connchem.org. This

    software is necessary to use the curriculum, and is open-source and free of charge.

    Besides the CCC software, you will need:

    A personal computer of recent vintage, with an OpenGL-enabled graphics card.

    A 13” screen (or larger), with at least 1280 × 800 (WXGA) pixel resolution

    For most computer monitors this is not a problem. Projectors, on

    the other hand, sometimes only manage VGA resolution (640 x 480),

    which will not allow sufficient room for our Simulations.

    The latest Java runtime environment (JRE)

    As of this writing, the latest JRE is Java 6, version 29. Java is free of charge:


    Macintosh OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, or Windows 7 or later

    Earlier versions of the Macintosh OS or Windows may run, but may suffer performance

    issues. The software should also run on Linux. None of these options have been tested,

    however, so make sure you run all simulations before using them live in the classroom.


    Please consult The Connected Chemistry Curriculum website (connchem.org)

    for up-to-date troubleshooting information, and to download software