• World Languages Weekly Message

    Proviso West Social Studies & World Languages Weekly Message 10 August 2018

    Dear Students and Colleagues,

    As we prepare for the opening of school please reach out to me for any needs that you may have. My e-mail is sngo@pths209.org.

    One recommendation I humbly suggest to both my colleagues and students, is to jointly establish norms for learning. This is very important at the beginning of the school year. According to Schoenbach, Greenleaf and Murphy in their book, Reading for Understanding, norms are a set of agreements that you and your students make so that everyone can invest in learning.

    One possible classroom activity is to have students brainstorm answers to questions such as:

    • What are some things classmates can do/shouldn’t do to support one another’s learning?
    • What are the elements of an ideal learning environment?
    • What consequences should be in place when there are disruptions to the learning environment?

    Have students work individually, then in pairs to share their thoughts. Have pair groups share out to the larger class community. From this beginning point, jointly develop your norms for learning!




    Stephen Ngo

    Dept Chair, Social Studies and World Languages