• Tutoring


    Saturday School Tutoring  / Study

    Select Saturdays in the Library (LRC)

    PMSA teachers are available to tutor students in many content areas, including math, science, English and social studies.  Students may also use this space to collaborate with other students, complete work, utilize the technology or simply study in an educational environment.  All students are welcome!


    After School Tutoring 

    Monday – Thursday from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

    Math, Science and English teachers are available to assist students with their work.  No appointment is necessary and all students are welcome.  Come complete your work and receive tutoring as necessary.


    Lunch Tutoring / Quiet Study

    Daily During Lunch Periods in the Library (LRC)

    Spend time during your lunch period receiving tutoring from your peers, conducting research, working on your homework or studying for your next big test.  National Honor Society students are ready to tutor students in all content areas.


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