• Proviso East Transformation Plan

    Proviso East High School students continue to improve on a variety of key measures.  However, the Proviso East school community will not be satisfied until we see sustained positive results.  The community, faculty, and staff determined that a significant transformation in a variety of Proviso East High School’s structures and programs was necessary.  Following an eight-month process of program evaluation, teachers, staff, parents, alumni, community representatives, and the administration collaboratively wrote and implemented our Transformation Plan. The plan includes six components.

    Image of Competency Based Education Model

    Personalized Competency-Based Education

    Proviso East’s goal is to educate students in a school that encourages them to become masterful in their understanding of the content and in their several abilities to demonstrate that knowledge.  Through Personalized Competency-Based Education, we have an opportunity to design and implement a model that demands more of students and teachers while giving them a system to support those demands. The five nationally recognized elements of competency-based education which are:

    1. Students only advance upon mastery.
    2. Competencies include explicit, measurable, and transferable learning objectives that empower students.
    3. Assessment is meaningful and a positive learning experience for students.
    4. Students receive timely, differentiated support based on their individual learning needs.
    5. Learning outcomes emphasize competencies that include the application and creation of knowledge, along with the development of important skills and dispositions.

    Proviso East is a member of the first cohort of the Illinois State Board of Education’s pilot program for Competency-Based Education.  Click here to learn more about the state’s program and participating schools/districts. We have also partnered with Northern Illinois University, Triton Community College, and we began our journey to becoming a Marzano Academy.  Click here to learn more about the Marzano Academies.  Contact Principal Dr. Patrick Hardy for more information on Personalized Competency-Based Education.


    Targeted Instructional Area (TIA)

    Our chosen targeted instructional area is Problem Solving (thinking, decision making, critical thinking, creative thinking)

    A demonstration of comprehension, analytical, and critical thinking skills applied to creatively solving real-world problems where no obvious solution is presented.

    Power Practice:

    Argumentative Writing ~ Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence particularly when solving a problem.
    Contact Assistant Principal Dr. Alexander Brandon for more information on the Targeted Instructional Area.

    Student-to-School Connection

    To better facilitate and expand on the postsecondary planning process, Proviso East High School also proposes to improve its student-to-school relationships. We currently house 43 Clubs and Activities for students in which students can participate.  Proviso East issues all students district email addresses to improve two-way communication between students and the school.  We encourage all students, and especially, 9th graders to get involved in at least one school-based activity.  Contact the Activities Coordinator (email address?) for more information.  One of our most important initiatives is our Freshmen-on-Track which seeks to ensure that all 9th-grade students are on track to graduate.  The Freshmen Success Team provides support to students who are experiencing challenges staying on track.  Contact Assistant Principal Mr. Fred Aguirre (email address) for more information on Freshman-on-Track.

    Action Team for Partnerships (ATP)

    Proviso East High School recognizes that family and community engagement are important factors in any effort to transform the school and improve student outcomes.  To accomplish this, Proviso East High School established the Action Team for Partnerships (ATP). ATP is not your typical parent-teacher organization or PTO.  According to the National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University (NNPS), “the ATP is the “action arm” or committee of the School Improvement Team or School Council.  Although the ATP members oversee the school's partnership program, other teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community members also may lead family and community involvement activities.”  The ATP focuses on the model’s six types of engagement which are parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community.  Proviso East’s ATP will be representative of the demographics that reflect our school community.  Contact Principal Dr. Patrick Hardy for more information.

    College and Career Readiness Academies

    Proviso East High School has established four College and Career Readiness Academies within the school.  They are the Freshmen Academy, Business and Human Services, Arts and Communication, and S.T.E.M. Students can enroll in various programs of study that are in line with the current areas of interest, passions, or talents. Click here to learn more about the College and Career Readiness Academies.  You may also contact the Career Academies Coordinator, Mr. Jason Spoor-Harvey for more information, or click on the following link to visit the College and Career Academies webpage. 

    Postsecondary Planning

    Proviso East High School has implemented a defined approach to engaging students in the process of postsecondary planning.  Through the college and Career Center, students prepare their plan to enter the post-secondary option of their choice.  Click here to see what is expected in the planning process for each grade level.  Contact the College and Career Counselor Mr. John Korntheuer for more information.