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Eligible Proviso East, Proviso West Students Can Get Extra Help with Classes

March 21, 2014 02:55 PM
Students at Proviso East High School and Proviso West High School can receive extra help in approved subject areas if they meet certain income guidelines.

Students at those schools who are eligible to receive a free or reduced-price lunch also are eligible to be part of a free supplemental educational services program as a result of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. These programs, which have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, will provide students with tutoring that is coordinated with what is being taught in school.

"Eligible students at Proviso East High School and Proviso West High School have several options to receive extra assistance in their classes," said Mrs. Kim Echols, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for District 209. "It is important that eligible students take advantage of these opportunities to help them achieve academic success."

When deciding which tutoring program is best for students, parents may want to consider when and where the tutoring will take place, how often and for how many hours the student will be tutored, what programs by grade level and subject area are available, what the tutor’s qualifications are, and if transportation is available to and from where the tutoring will take place.

Parents who are interested in their student receiving tutoring can select a tutor from a list that is posted on the District’s website at, print and fill out the provider selection form, and mail it by March 31 to:
Proviso Township High Schools District 209
Attn: Ms. Carla Johnson
8601 West Roosevelt Road
Forest Park, IL 60130
Those with questions about these services can contact Ms. Johnson at (708) 338-5934.


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