PTHS D209 Celebrates Black History Month

March 10, 2017 02:12 PM
PTHS D209 students, teachers, and staff recognized African American historical figures and their achievements through a series of events that took place at each high schools. Some of the events included assemblies, walking tours, dance, music, and poetry.
The PMSA Black History Program was developed and presented by students who started planning for the program in November. The students met after school and worked collaboratively in groups to narrow down the items to be included in the program. The students ultimately decided on a program that highlighted and celebrated different events in each decade such as a Harlem Renaissance and a swing dance performance and a President Obama and the Black Lives Matter Movement presentation. The students presented an outstanding program on Monday, February 27th for parents and the community and Tuesday, February 28th for the student body.
As a continuation of Black History Month celebrations, Proviso East High School held its annual Senior Citizens’ Day on February 27, 2017. The Maywood Senior Citizens' Club was invited to Proviso to meet with students and share their stories. The Proviso East Senior Citizens’ Day gave students and seniors an opportunity for meaningful interactions.
PE-SeniorCitizensDay-022017-320The Proviso East NJROTC greeted the Maywood Senior Citizens’ Club members as they arrived to the school’s Social Room. The Proviso East Social Room was filled energy and excitement as cross-generational connections took place. Dr. Patrick Hardy, principal at Proviso East High School, explained the importance of such a special event by stating, "Our history is American history. They (students) must learn about Fred Hampton, Proviso East High School, Congressman Danny K. Davis, and Congressman John Lewis. They have to learn about more than just his name, President Barack Obama. There is more to us than meets the eye and you get the pleasure of speaking to some bright-eyed students today. Black history is not just African history; it’s not just American history; it is your history; your stories matter." Dr. Hardy’s welcome remarks further motivated the seniors to share their stories with Proviso East students.
After the seniors visited the classrooms in the main building, Congressman Danny K. Davis gave a powerful speech at the Proviso Evening School.  Congressman Danny K. Davis mentioned that during his visit, he observed that Proviso East teachers and administrators are one of the most connected and outstanding team of educators he has met. He also expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to be part of the educational progress of the Proviso High Schools.
The Proviso West High School African American Club sponsored the "Unspoken Black History" assembly to celebrate Black History Month on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  The program included a selection by the Proviso Choir, The Anointed Twins, a dance by the Pantherettes, drum presentation from the Proviso Drumline, skit from Ms. Gillespie’s English Honors Class, praise dance by the Proviso Interpretive Praise, and a solo from Ms. Angela Walker.
The Proviso West High School African American Club also sponsored a "Walking Museum." On February 13 and 15, 2017. Tammy Gibson, Historian of African American History, displayed an exhibit – as she dressed in character of a field hand, she covered the history of slavery from 1700 until the Emancipation with artifacts from all around the world, as well as pictures of some of her archaeological digs with recent finds.
On February 16 and 17, 2017, Chris Medjo-Me-Zengue, a native of Cameroon, Central African and a Librarian in LaGrange Park, also participated in the "Walking Museum" by displaying an exhibit that covered his history and experiences from his homeland in Central Africa.  Medjo-Me-Zengue shared his story with the Proviso West community through artifacts that included handmade items from Africa & family heirlooms and wood from different types of trees.
Thank you PTHS D209 students for recognizing the history, experiences and accomplishments of African Americans in such a thoughtful and powerful manner.
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