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PMSA Students Get Medical, Science Experience in PULSE Program

May 21, 2015 03:15 PM
For the past few years, the PULSE program has provided students at Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy with educational enrichments in the fields of medicine and science.
Medical students from the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine mentored our PMSA students by offering them hands-on experiences in different branches of medicine, career advice, and college preparation assistance. For example, during the first workshop, our students learned to identify the tools commonly used in a general physical exam, and they were instructed how to analyze basic vital readings. In the anatomy laboratory, the students were taught how to identify the basic anatomical structures of the heart and lungs in the school’s anatomy laboratory.
PMSA students were also introduced to cardiovascular medicine. They learned how to identify key places on the thorax to listen to cardiac sounds, and identified systole and diastole in the cardiac cycle. During the CPR workshop, our students learned basic resuscitation techniques to temporarily facilitate the oxygenation of the body upon the failure of the cardiopulmonary system. In the suturing session, PULSE members learned to identify the tools required for basic suturing and instrument tying, and how to perform both techniques, while during the intubation workshop, PULSE members learned how to identify a scenario requiring intubation, and practiced the basic skills required for the procedure.
For our annual field trip, PULSE members visited the International Surgical Museum in Chicago.
The International Museum of Surgical Science is located in a historic mansion on Lake Shore Drive. Our students viewed various exhibits, each progressively outlining the development and improvement of the spectra of surgeries, operating theaters, and surgical techniques throughout the ages.
Incoming upperclassmen with an interest in medical studies are invited to join the PULSE program during the 2015-16 school year, and benefit from the knowledge and the experience of the Loyola medical students, who so generously donated their time to this endeavor. On behalf of PULSE 2014-15 members, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all Stritch School of Medicine mentors, for their time and guidance.  
For photos of the PULSE program, please click here.
Article and photos submitted by Ms. Mahera Beidas, a science teacher at Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy and sponsor of the PULSE program at PMSA.


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