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PMSA Juniors Showcase Final Projects at Research Symposium

May 28, 2015 02:30 PM
The end results of months of research by juniors at Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy were put on display at the 2015 Junior Research Symposium on May 21 at PMSA.
The projects by the 146 juniors ran the gamut of topics, including the effect of video games and reaction time, traffic operations and safety at PMSA, prescription drug use in society, water purification using grass and clay to filter water, and musical effects on bacterial growth, among others.
"They spent the year developing and streamlining their research," said Mr. John Wardisiani, a PMSA science teacher who taught the research core classes with Mrs. Michele Vogt-Schuller and Dr. Greta Mitchell-Williams. "Some went into the field, and some of these guys got some in-depth experiences.
Maybe some of their final conclusions will be used at this school."
Amaris Montes and Carlos Ruiz looked at implementing technology in the classroom by surveying students and teachers as well as speaking to district administration and the District 209 Board of Education.
"By having more technology, it will help students and teachers by providing research methods," Amaris said.
Andrea Delgado and Leslie Gonzalez studied how people are able to the differences in retaining information using both electronic and paper media. They split their study group in two, with one reading on a computer while the other used a book. Both were then quizzed on what they had read.
"We wanted to compare how much people compare over time using electronic versus using paper," Andrea said. "The paper allows you to interact (with the story) and you retain it. With electronic media, the screen inhabits interaction."
For more photos of the PMSA Junior Research Symposium, please click here.


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