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43 Proviso Students Win Math and Science Awards

March 18, 2016 01:48 PM
Forty-three Proviso Township High Schools District 209 students were honored for their excellence in math and science by the Society of Women Engineers and the American Association of Physics Teachers in a ceremony on March 9 at Proviso East High School.
Along with receiving their awards, the honored students were able to thank those math and science teachers who had inspired them during their education. The appreciated teachers included Ms. Sandretta Lindsay and Ranjana Desai, Proviso East math teachers; Dr. Bozena Suwary, a Proviso West science teacher; and Mr. Alvaro Serna, a science teacher at Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy.
Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that the students and teachers both have a stake in the students’ success. 
"The students have done the hard work in learning the material, but the teachers also have worked hard in preparing the material in a way that is instrumental in motivating their students to learn," she said. "This kind of collaboration is vital for students in achieving academic excellence."
The following students were honored at the ceremony: 

Proviso East

Highest Honors
  • Dalal El Barbarawi
  • Higher Honors
  • Lesley Ann Cepeda
  • Karen Davila
  • Madly Espinoza
  • Giselle Gomez
  • Carol Lima
  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Cinia McCray
  • Ruby Minor
  • Emily Nunez
  • Daisy Rodriguez
  • Daisy Maribel Rodriguez
  • Daisy Ruvalcaba
  • Destiny Tartt
  • Dominique Wallace
  • Gerrund Caffie

Proviso West

Highest Honors
  • Mahmooda Ali
  • Syeda Ali
Higher Honors
  • Andrea Ayala
  • Erika Nava
  • Jessica Pop
  • Dayona Raphy
High Honors
  • Daniela Maria Gomez
  • Diana Guzman
  • Devon Jackson
  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Chyna Naylor
  • Liz Negron Ramos
  • Diana Salcido
  • Ann Margaret Villanueva
  • Takiliah Williams
  • Jordan Wilson
  • Mahmooda Ali
  • Charles Barnett
  • Richard Martinez
  • Liz Negron Ramos
  • Sergio Quezada

Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy

Highest Honors
  • LaRayah Neely-Brown
Higher Honors
  • Deja Howard
  • Marisol Velasquez
High Honors
  • Yaritza Coronel
  • Aliyah Crespo
  • Zaria George
  • Sumeja Zodzic
  • Mayumi Pascual
  • Vanessa Pineda
  • Claudia Reyes
  • Heydi Rivera
  • Leslie Ruvalcaba-Rivera
  • Darlene Sepulveda
  • Saniya Williams
Photos contributed by Mrs. Daphene Walker, a security guard at Proviso East High School. 


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