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Proviso East Students Get the Healthy Facts at Student Health Fair

April 12, 2016 03:39 PM
Healthy eating. The effects of drinking and driving. Self-esteem and body image.
Those were a few of the health topics about which students at Proviso East High School learned a little more at the annual Student Health Fair in the Proviso East Memorial Hall on March 30 and 31. The health fair, sponsored by Loyola University’s School-Based Health Center at Proviso East, provided information on a variety of health topics, including HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, being safe on the Internet, drug use, and stress relief. Students learned information about how to avoid dangerous behaviors and how to promote healthier ones as they roamed from table to table.
"Every year it’s got bigger and bigger," said Ms. Adriane Van Zwoll, a social worker with the School-Based Health Center at Proviso East, adding that 45 organizations were represented during the two days of the health fair. "We really got into the community and encouraged them to be involved in the schools.
Ms. Van Zwoll said that the students were positive about what they learned and that they said that they were going to try to change any risky behaviors they may have.
Jaqueline Guzman, a Proviso East freshman, said that she was made more aware of the risks of infections.
"They have made me more aware of what’s around me," she said.
Don Coburn, a Proviso East junior, said that he learned more about the effects of sodium intake on his body at the fair.
"I think it’s a good experience," he said. "It’s good to walk around and see what interests me."
Dr. Patrick Hardy, principal at Proviso East, said that he hoped the information that the students have learned in class was enhanced by the presentations and demonstrations in the fair.
"Maybe they found some topics that they found some interest in so when our health classes get to those topics, they’ll say that they remembered that from the health fair, and ask more specific questions," he said. "With some of these things, hopefully their curiosity will be piqued already."
For more photos of the Proviso East Student Health Fair, please click here


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