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20 Proviso East Students Named to Straight A Club

December 11, 2015 12:30 PM
Twenty Proviso East High School students were named to the school's Straight A Club as a result of earning straight A’s in all of their classes during the first quarter.
The students were recognized in a special ceremony in the Proviso East auditorium on December 4. In the ceremony, each student were given a certificate and a letter of commendation. They also were treated to lunch at the school.
The Straight A Club is a new group designed to encourage students who earn straight A's in a quarter or semester to continue to do so and inspire others to follow suit, said Ms. Paula Howard, a freshman guidance counselor at Proviso East. She said the group, formed in part with other guidance counselors along with Dr. Patrick Hardy, principal at Proviso East, and Mr. Fred Aguirre, assistant principal for student supports at Proviso East, was a way to appreciate the students for their efforts and achievement.
"This is the quarter, but we want them to maintain those A’s right through the semester and keep that mentality and encourage other students," Ms. Howard said. "They are a great example to all of Proviso."
Dr. Hardy said that he was proud of the students for their achievement and he encouraged them to continue to work hard and be good role models for their classmates.
"This group of students represent some of the best that Proviso East High School has to offer," he said. "We are proud of them, and I hope to continue to add to their number."
Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that the students should be proud of their achievement as well.
"These students have made us very proud," said Dr. Collins-Hart. "They have worked hard this year to demonstrate academic excellence, responsibility, and accountability, and I want to encourage each of our students to continue to achieve and to focus on their goals."
The honored students said that they felt appreciated for their hard work.
"I feel extremely appreciative that Proviso East would decide to do this because it just makes you want to strive for excellence and want to continue to just strive to get good grades and influence my other peers to want to get good grades as well," said Ashanti Kelly, a Proviso East sophomore.
Dalal El Barbarawi, a Proviso East senior, said that recognition and admiration are key factors in a student’s success. However, she said that she and the other honored students need to continue hard to achieve.
"Attending this ceremony and receiving praise for our achievements is truly an honor," she said. "However, this award should not act as a relief, but rather as a way of telling us to continue to do our best."
The following students were honored as new members of the Proviso East Straight A Club:
  • Regine Bowman
  • Marshaun Campbell
  • Liliana Corral
  • Melissa Espinoza
  • Jaime Medina
  • Lesly Sanchez
  • Marquise Sumerlin
  • Keyanna Turner
  • Alice Villalva
  • Lesly Cepeda
  • Justice Fowler
  • Ashanti Kelly
  • Daisy Rodriguez
  • Karen Davila
  • Dalal El Barbarawi
  • Madly Espinoza
  • Liliana Garcia
  • MyLeah Matheny
  • Miguel Ortiz-Jaramillo
  • Kenia Ridley


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