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Maywood Seniors Share Wisdom in Visit to Proviso East

March 4, 2016 11:05 AM
Ms. Constance Riales said that she has learning her family’s history for some time.
During the course of her research, she said that she managed to add names to a family tree of more than 4,000 people, including the names of the owners of her ancestors who had been slaves.
"You have to be patient," Ms. Riales said the students in Ms. Dylester Palm’s social studies class at Proviso East High School. "You have to be consistent and you have to love it."
Ms. Riales was among 15 members of the Maywood Senior Club to visit Proviso East on February 22. During their visit, which was facilitated by Mr. Larry Shapiro of the Maywood Senior Club, the seniors took a tour of the school, spoke to classes about their life experiences, watched a performance of the Proviso East jazz band, and ate a lunch of lasagna prepared by culinary students at Proviso East.
"This is our high school," said Dr. Patrick Hardy, principal at Proviso East. "I want our students to hear from our seniors. That’s the best way to learn history, by it being handed down."
Ms. Johnsey Louden of Bellwood spoke of growing up amidst racial tensions on the south side of Chicago, and witnessing racial tension in Proviso Township when she moved to Broadview in the early 1970s. She encouraged the students to use any challenge that they experience to improve themselves.
Ms. Louden said afterward that she enjoyed her visit to Proviso East, which was her third.
"I’m very impressed with the kids," she said. "They seem to enjoy and like their teachers. The kids were very mannerable. It’s a wonderful school."
Thank you to the students, faculty, and staff of Proviso East High School for their roles in showing that Proviso East High School is "Nothing But The Best!"
For photos of the Maywood Senior Club's visit to Proviso East, please click here.


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