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Schools Welcome Parents on Bring Your Parents to School Day

October 8, 2015 09:46 AM
Parents got a taste of life at Proviso East High School, Proviso West High School, and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy on Thursday, October 1, as they accompanied their students to class on Bring Your Parents to School Day.
The parents who attended the day were able to gain insights into a typical day for their students at school. They followed their students’ class schedules, joining everything from math, English, and science classes to lunch.
Bring Your Parents to School Day has been a tradition in District 209 since 2002, when it was first introduced by then- and current Board of Education President, Mrs. Theresa L. Kelly. The event is one of District 209’s largest parent involvement initiatives of the year, and it is part of the Board of Education’s ongoing efforts to promote more outreach to the parents and the community.
"Parents who are involved in their children’s education tend to have children who are successful in school," Mrs. Kelly said. "We thank those parents who were able to take time out to visit our schools and see how their students learn in class and talk with their classmates and their teachers. The Board of Education wants to continue more outreach to parents."
Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that she is grateful that the tradition has continued and looks forward to feedback from parents.
"It is always enlightening for parents to see how the schools are run during the day," she said. "Parent advocacy is key to getting out the good news about our schools as well as to provide us feedback."
Parents who attended Bring Your Parents to School Day said that they appreciated learning more about a typical day in their students’ school.
"I think it’s great to come along and see how much he’s paying attention to the teacher," said Ms. Jeanette Farley, who said that she took the day off from both of her jobs to be with her son, Joshua Farley, a Proviso East freshman. "It’s a great thing. He matters."
Mr. Steve Grapenthien attended the day with his daughter, Ashley Grapenthien, a PMSA freshman. He said that he found the day "interesting."
"It gives me an idea of how my daughter interacts with others and her teachers," he said. "It’s a chance to see the intensity of the classroom, and it puts some clarity into what they do all day and how I can help improve her performance."
Ms. Rosa Bautista, who was at Proviso West with her twin sons, Junior and Justin Bautista, Proviso West juniors, said that she enjoyed visiting on Bring Your Parents to School Day last year.
"I like knowing what they are doing in class," she said.


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