Jesse J. Rodríguez, Ph.D.

nchsmDr. Jesse J. Rodríguez is a dynamic, compassionate, strategic, transformational, and goals-driven education executive with 19 years of leadership experience reflected in a proven academic and operational track record. 

He is a team player able to lead large scale initiatives focused on student achievement; effective operations; student, family, and community engagement; financial management; human capital strategy; facility master planning; accountability; assessment; and policy and governance. He also is a leader with the belief and conviction that one can develop and achieve a common vision and organizational purpose through being a visionary communicator and problem solver, and most importantly, guiding oneself by a solid moral imperative. He understands the educational needs of our future generations and realizes that providing quality education in a fiscally responsible manner will be our core business at Proviso Township High Schools District 209.
Dr. Rodríguez began his career teaching Spanish at the high school level in Milwaukee. He later served as a middle school assistant principal and received a promotion to acting principal in an elementary school, leading to his first principalship in Milwaukee. Dr. Rodríguez served a campus that was centered on middle and high school instruction with a professional development component and instructional resources for teachers in the Milwaukee Public Schools. After a successful career as a principal, he became the Vice President for Education for La Causa, Inc., a non-profit offering multi-faceted community and educational services, where he was responsible for administrative functions relative to education.
In July 2011, Dr. Rodríguez became the Regional Director of School Support for the Southwest Region with the Milwaukee Public Schools. His main function was to ensure effective operations for more than 32 schools with approximately 20,000 students. Upon successful performance in this position, the Milwaukee Public Schools promoted Dr. Rodríguez to Regional Superintendent for the Southwest Region.
Dr. Rodríguez has developed the ability to establish performance standards and expectations based on a clear vision for success while creating a professional learning environment that is inclusive, collaborative, focused on results, and driven by highly effective instruction. He also served as president for the Wisconsin Association for Bilingual Education (WIABE) for four years and has presented leadership workshops at local, state, and national conferences.  



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