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More Time in Class and More Time on Task: PW Principal Enforces New Tardy Prevention Initiative

March 9, 2012 09:15 AM
Hillside, IL...Proviso West High School principal, Dr. Kirkwood, and other administrators are working to boost student achievement at Proviso West by advocating more time in class and more time on task. For them, that means clearing the halls, enforcing a new tardy prevention program, and getting the entire school involved in ensuring that students are ready in the right places to learn.

"Last month we launched our first tardy prevention program," said Dr. Kirkwood. "We have to get students into the classrooms on time. That is where the learning begins. By looking at our student data, we have found that student tardiness is greater during first and seventh period of the day. We are working to improve our schools and our classrooms. This is a part of that process."

Since the start of this tardy prevention program, students have arrived on time to class at a much higher percentage rate. During each class period, all teachers are in the halls to encourage students to arrive to class on time. Teachers also volunteer during the first fifteen minutes of their lunch (third period through seventh period) to assist with keeping the hallways clear.

Department chairs, deans, security, and secretarial support are also key players in the tardy prevention program. They help to ensure that Proviso West student achievement initiatives are successful.

Proviso West High School is also encouraging parents to get involved by encouraging their students to get to school on time and adhere to tardy policies. Students are asked to arrive at school at least 15 minutes before the last bell. On late start days, students should be in the building no later than 8:40 a.m. On regular schedule days, students should arrive to school no later than 7:35.


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