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Proviso East School Based Health Center Celebrates 10 years of Excellent Student Service

May 4, 2012 08:00 AM
Maywood, IL...Health is a critical factor in student success. With that in mind, a decade ago, Loyola School of Nursing partnered with Proviso East High School to open the district’s first in-house health center. This year, Loyola School of Nursing is celebrating their ten-year anniversary of quality care.
"Ten years ago, we saw a need to help students in the community make informed choices about their health," said Diana Hackbarth, RN, PhD, FAAN, professor and program director. "Having a full-service health center staffed by nurse practitioners, physicians, social workers and dietitians within the school allows students to get health care when they need it instead of missing school for appointments. Since then, we have expanded health promotion programs in classrooms, after school, and in neighboring elementary schools, helping thousands of students live healthier lives through the center."
PE-HealthCenter2-smThe School Based Health Center, which is supported by federal, state and private foundation funding, provides easy access to healthcare services for students. The center’s nutrition programs include education, counseling, weight loss guidance, healthy lunch groups and junk food free zones where students can eat nutritional snacks. Programs are designed to enhance school performance, fight obesity and improve the health of students. The programs also increase dietary variety and offer tips for healthy meals that students can share with their families. Needless to say, after ten years of service, the School Based Health Center has had a positive impact on students.
"I think it’s pretty great to have a whole health center right here in our school," said Proviso East senior, Martha Romero. "I transferred here my junior year. When I first saw the health center, I was really glad. It’s convenient. They help us out a lot, and they have a lot of health programs. They teach you better ways of eating, dental hygiene, and they offer programs for teen parents."
This is a service that the School Based Health Center is happy to provide.
"Our students fuel their bodies with healthy food and information, making them more likely to thrive in and outside of the classroom," said Joanne Kouba, PhD, RD, LDN, assistant professor and director of the dietetic intern program. "We look forward to continuing to serve the community and to offering a healthy environment for teens."
Thank you Loyola for ten years of excellent service!


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