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PMSA Principal Honored by the Academy’s Class of 2012

January 20, 2012 01:56 PM
Last week PMSA’s Principal, Mrs. Echols, thought she was attending PMSA’s first Prom Fashion Show as a supporter and guest in the audience. She had no idea that she was the finale. Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy seniors offered a grand surprise when they closed the show by welcoming Mrs. Echols to the stage. The students then gave Mrs. Echols a huge thank you for being what they call an awesome principal.

Students awarded Echols with a poster-size card signed by each member of the class of 2012. In the card, students expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation.

"We really appreciate that when you email her she gives an immediate response and works to solve the problem," said PMSA senior, Karthika Nair. "She has made our school more driven and organized. She makes us know that we really are at a foundation of learning."

Students say that Mrs. Echols leadership style, enthusiasm, and compassion have made all of the difference.

"What makes her so good is that she actually cares about her students," said PMSA senior, Sreejith Nair. "When Mrs. Echols came on board, I thought that there was just going to be yet another set of rules for us to follow, but she actually cares. She doesn’t just work for the school, she works for everyone. She’s a really good person that you can always talk to. It’s great to have that kind of relationship with your principal. She’s like one of our own, and we really love what she has done."

Indeed, Ms. Echols has made quite a few changes since her arrival as principal this school year. Students have enjoyed additional perks including fashion shows, pep rallies, field trips, a Student Success Banquet, and other events that showcase student talent. She has even made changes for parents by increasing communication and adding a few perks to "Bring Your Parents to School Day" and "Back to School Night." In academics, Echols has focused on instructional monitoring, enhancing dual credit partnerships and opportunities, increasing student scholarships, and creating a more organized learning environment. She has also focused on letting students and parents know that they are the center of Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy.

"I think that whenever you come into a new school, you have to build trust," said Echols. "I’ve really taken the time to build positive relationships with my students, so I felt very honored to be honored by them. Even though I have made a lot of changes, I am glad that they see that I am working to make them and our school environment a better place. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care."

Congratulations Mrs. Echols! You are a vital part of Proviso Rising!



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