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Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy to Host 5th Annual Research Symposium May 14th

May 4, 2012 08:15 AM
Forest Park, IL...Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy offers one of the best research mentorship programs on the map. Each year, for a full year, students partner with professionals from various fields in order to complete intense research and study. At the end of the year, students host a research symposium for the entire community where they stand with mentors and present their scientific findings. This year’s event will be held on Monday, May 14th.

"Thanks to all of our mentors, PMSA’s mentorship program and Research Symposium are undoubtedly shining lights in our school system," said PTHS 209 superintendent, Dr. Collins-Hart. "Here we have high school students who work alongside professionals. They enter laboratories across the state, work with engineers, doctors, scientists, educators, government officials, and other professionals from nearly every field. Our students gain great exposure in education and the workplace. They experience the working world while also producing the kind of research that is comparable to college and career level studies. Each year during the symposium, we look forward to them showcasing their hard work and their research findings."

ResearchSymposium2-smAll PMSA students participate in research from freshman through senior year. During the last two years, students venture out into a variety of career fields and partner with professionals to conduct research on topics of interest. Students have an opportunity to explore numerous professional fields.

Dr. Alan Wolfe of Loyola is one of the many dedicated mentors in the program.

"This program is amazing," he said. "Year after year students come to study at the lab. Students get hands-on experience to find out what science is all about. It’s very different than what is taught in the classroom. Here, we don’t know the answers. It’s a path of discovery. Through this program, students learn the value of research. They experience the excitement, frustration, and joy of hard work."

Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy’s 5th Annual Research Symposium will be held on Monday, May 14th, 2012 at PMSA from 9:15 am until 6:00 pm. Students and their research mentors will come together to present data and analysis from their year-long research projects. Community members are invited to attend.


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