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District 209 Students Learn Corporate Law at McDonald’s

May 16, 2014 02:25 PM
Proviso East and West students met recently for McDonald's Corporation's Street Law Symposium at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook.

Students, who were greeted by senior legal counsel, Jennifer Cohn and Edward Lance, in the morning, were quizzed on their knowledge of the McDonald's brand. Following introductions, students were split into small groups where they attended workshops on real estate, marketing, compliance, and tort law.

Those students attending the compliance workshop learned about the changing face of social media and the digital marketplace. Many students were surprised to find that their digital shadow will follow them for the rest of their lives.

law-symposium2-380"A lot of things happen, and it’s really bad," said Yesenia Ramirez, a junior at Proviso East. "I learned that I should also be careful and carry two separate wallets so that people won’t have access to your entire identity if they rob you."

Students attending the tort law workshop were introduced to a variety of new legal terms as well as scenarios with which McDonald's and their competitors have dealt over the years. Lawyers led students in a discussion regarding what should be done as a company to protect oneself from the possibility of fraud such as the finger in the chili incident involving one of their competitors in the past.

law-symposium3-380The real estate workshop allowed students to attend a mock city council meeting to debate zoning of a new McDonald's in a residential area. Students from East and West collaborated and presented their findings to the council following the breakout sessions. Fernando Rivera, a junior at Proviso East, said that he learned the effects of zoning laws.

"I learned about zoning and how it can affect a place of business," he said. "Overall, zoning can be used to allow or not allow a place of business in which it can benefit the citizens and the economy."

Once again, the Law Symposium at McDonald’s Corporation provided an eye opening experience for many of our most inquiring minds. Students were able to take away goodie bags filled with McDonald’s gift certificates and Happy Meal toys in addition to knowledge on a variety of potential career paths.
Article and photos submitted by Ms. Ashley Glickman, an English teacher at Proviso East High School.


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