Dr. Rodriguez Shows Appreciation on Administrative Professionals’ Day

May 11, 2017 11:50 AM
Proviso Township High Schools District 209 (PTHS D.209) observed Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 26, 2017 to honor administrative personnel for their importance to the organization. The District 209 Superintendent Jesse J. Rodriguez, Ph.D., celebrated the day by inviting all PTHS D.209 administrative professionals to Central Services for a special lunch.
Proviso East and Proviso West high schools chauffeured their administrative professionals to Central Services for the celebratory event; a gesture that made many of them feel appreciated. Numerous administrative professionals thanked Dr. Rodriguez for taking the time to acknowledge their contributions to the District and expressed that this was the first time a Superintended had hosted this type of event.
During lunch, administrative professionals interacted with coworkers from their respective high schools and had the opportunity to meet other administrative professionals from the District. Tiffany Jenkins, administrative professional at Proviso East High School, said, "This event, hosted by Dr. Rodriguez, allowed us to meet people we don’t see every day and come together as a District -- as "One Proviso.""  
Dr. Rodriguez presented to the team the structured ideas, programs and school plans that are part of the framework which outlines the long-term strategic plan for District 209. The presentation served as a reminder to administrative professionals about the key role they play in the success of the schools.
"I found it motivating to see how passionate many of the support staff felt about the success of our schools, communities, and students," said Michelle Caron, administrative professional at Central Services.
Each administrative professional was presented with a certificate recognizing their outstanding performance and contributions to PTHS D.209. Dr. Rodriguez thanked them for their continuous support in working closely with school and district leaders to ensure the academic success of all students.
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