District 209 Students Tour Mid-Atlantic Colleges

September 27, 2013 08:30 AM
Forest Park, IL...Students from Proviso East High School, Proviso West High School, and Proviso Math and Science Academy spent time on the road this past summer as they visited college campuses from Indiana to Maryland.

The student groups from District 209’s three schools visited 10 colleges and universities, ranging from schools such as the University of Notre Dame and the United States Naval Academy to historically black colleges such as Hampton University and Howard University. They also visited historic sites in Washington, D.C., including the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

The students, all of whom had recently completed their junior years, were eligible for the tours after participating in the ACT Cambridge Test Prep Program during the spring semester. District 209 provided the transportation and hotel accommodations.

E-CollegeTour-2013-2-sm"The opportunity to visit college campuses is a key component in helping to prepare students for life after high school," said Mr. Daniel J. Adams, Board of Education President for District 209. "They are able to see what is waiting for them and what they can achieve if they continue to work hard on their academics in high school."

Students who took the tours had diverse ideas of what they wanted to explore.

"I wanted the experience of what college life is like and how it’s different than Maywood," said Taiwan Greenwood, 17 and a Proviso East senior.

Anthony Skinner, 17 and a PMSA senior, said that he wants to become a radiation therapist. He said that he was encouraged with what he found out about different aspects such as the cost of school.

"Tuition wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be," he said. "The campuses were interesting to see."

Janine Orihuela, 17 and a Proviso West senior, wants to go into the medical field. She said that she was particularly impressed with several of the universities.

"I feel like I got a better perspective on colleges and how the classes are put together and what I want to do later in life," Janine said.

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