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District 209 Schools Welcome Parents on Bring Your Parents to School Day

October 9, 2014 03:30 PM
Parents at Proviso East High School, Proviso West High School, and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy got a look into the lives of their students on Wednesday, October 1, on Bring Your Parents to School Day.

The parents who attended the day were able to gain insights into a typical day for their students at school. They followed their students’ class schedules, joining everything from math, English, and science classes to lunch.

Bring Your Parents to School Day has been a tradition in District 209 since 2002, when it was first introduced by then-Board of Education President, Mrs. Theresa L. Kelly. The event is one of District 209’s largest parent involvement initiatives of the year, and is part of the Board of Education’s ongoing efforts to promote more outreach to the parents and the community.
w-byptsd-2014-380At PMSA, Mr. Darryl Cardine tagged along with his daughter, Miracles Cardine, a senior, to her visual art class with Ms. Kathleen Maltese. Along with the other students and parents in attendance, he practiced blind sketches and other lessons.
"I enjoy this every time this goes on," said Mr. Cardine, whose older daughter graduated from PMSA in May 2014. "I believe that we should support our children in their education to show them that this is the way to go. It’s nice that I can meet their teachers and their teachers can meet me to know that she has a parent that cares about her education."
e-byptsd-2014-380At Proviso East, Marti Horton accompanied her son, Nigel Horton, a sophomore, to his classes, which included auto tech and an art class with Ms. Marcia LaPorte. Ms. Horton said that she makes it a point to attend every Bring Your Parents to School Day.
"It gives me a chance to know what is going on in the classes and meet the teachers," she said. "I enjoy it. I’m just enjoying what I am seeing and seeing how my son is interacting with the other kids and what’s going on."
Ms. Lorraine Hudson attended with her son, Kyle Hudson, a freshman, at the start of the day. She said that she enjoyed being with her son in classes such as his first period biology class with teacher, Mr. Richard Chaddock.
""I’m really excited to be here today," Ms. Hudson said. "I’m really interested in seeing what his day is like and to see if I can help him manage it a little better."
Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that parents learned more about the education that their students are receiving.
"Parents who attended Bring Your Parents to School Day were able to see what their students are learning on a daily basis in our schools and how the schools are run during the day," she said. "Parent involvement is key to a student’s education, and we are hopeful that more parents will be able to be involved in their students’ school in any way possible."
Thank you to all of the parents who took the time to join us for a day at school! It is this type of parent involvement that will help our schools to grow and improve. 


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