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30 Students Honored for Outstanding Math and Science

April 26, 2013 08:55 AM
Hillside, IL...Thirty students from Proviso East, Proviso West and Proviso Math and Science Academy were honored by the Society of Women Engineers and the American Association of Physics Teachers on Monday, April 8, at Proviso West High School.

Mr. Bob Hurley, a science teacher at Proviso East High School and organizer of the ceremony, said that the awards are a big deal for the givers and the recipients.

"These are nationally recognized awards," he told the crowd of parents, teachers, and students. "By putting this down, it will help you on your college application."

As part of the evening, the students were able to thank teachers who had been instrumental in their accomplishments, some reaching back to their elementary and junior high school days.

David Silva, a student at PMSA, credited Cristina Witnik, an eighth-grade math teacher at Melrose Park School, as his respected teacher.

"She always helped me out," he said.

Antonio Sorellino, a science teacher at MacArthur Middle School in Berkeley, was honored as a respected teacher by a student for the tenth straight year, according to Mr. Hurley. This year’s honors came from Izaura Ocampo, a student at Proviso West.

"He made science fun for me," she said.

Having a strong foundation in math and science can be helpful in any career, according to Jeniene Wiseman, the night’s keynote speaker. Ms. Wiseman was on hand to present awards for the Society of Women Engineers.

"You still have that foundation if you decide you want to go into math or science," she said.

Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that the students and teachers both have a stake in the students’ success.

"The students have done the hard work in learning the material, but the teachers also have worked hard in preparing the material in a way that is instrumental in motivating their students to learn," she said. "Having both students and teachers work together in learning the materials is essential in receiving a good education."

The following students were honored at the ceremony:
Respected Teacher
Teacher's School

Maybelle Cardona
Paula Motsinger
Alexandra Mendoza
Margaret Hellum
Melrose Park
Kathleen Rueda
Jennifer Szablewski
Forest Park Middle
Daisy Espinoza
Wendy Granwrath
Melrose Park
Highest Honors
Crystal Magallon
Izaura Ocampo
Antonio Sorellino
MacArthur Middle
High Honors
Aaliyah Evans
Bozena Suwary
Proviso West
Gabriela Garbani
Bruce Williams
Roosevelt Middle
Michelle Ortega
Frank Bua
NorthLake Middle
Shatavia Freeman
Meaghan McGrath
Sonia Hill
Kendra Martin
Maya Maynard
Michelle Berens
Timothy Christian
Chanel Rule
Elizabeth Valdivia
Ruben Balaguer
Melrose Park
Caylin West
Robert Moreshi
Oscar Gamino
Christian Riviera
Bozena Suwary
Proviso West
Jorell Socorro
John Tomczak &
   Jerry Lindgren

Westchester Middle
Highest Honors
Lizbeth Garcia
Bruce Williams
Roosevelt Middle
Samantha Medina
Nicole Pullaro
Jane Addams
High Honors
Hannah Galloway
Alexandra Gomez
Cristina Witnik
Melrose Park
Karla Guzman
John Tomczak
Westchester Middle
Laila Kassar
Isabella Reda
John Tomczak
Westchester Middle
Taylor Washington
Riley Fore
MacArthur Middle
Alex Majors
John Tomczak
Westchester Middle
Eric Rodriguez
Catherine Sanders
MacArthur Middle
David Silva
Cristina Witnik
Melrose Park


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