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District 209 Honors Retirees, Long-Time Employees

May 31, 2013 02:45 PM
Forest Park, IL...Proviso Township High School District 209 said, "Thank you" and "A job well done" to 60 of its employees – including 12 who are retiring at the end of the school year. The employees were recognized at the annual Faculty and Staff Retirement and Recognition Dinner on May 16 at the Midwest Conference Center in Northlake.

The faculty and staff members were celebrated at the special dinner for their extraordinary contributions to the district. They included 25 employees who have served in the district for at least 15 years, four who earned a graduate degree during the past year, and 19 faculty and staff members who made a special contribution and effort to the district and its schools.

"I know that you are proud, and we are proud of you," said Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209.

Mr. Daniel Adams, president of the Board of Education, said that the banquet was one small piece of appreciation of the employees’ hard work.

RetirementDinner2013-sm"You are the backbone of our district, and we would not be able to do what we do in our schools without your hard work and dedication," he told them. "Please know that we appreciate everything you do for our students and our schools."

Many of the retiring faculty and staff members left final thoughts for the district.

Mr. Lawrence Broughton, a social studies teacher at Proviso East for the last nine years, said that he appreciated the opportunities he has had.

"I appreciate the tremendous opportunity Proviso Township has afforded me to help young people learn and grow through teaching U.S. government, constitutional law, and African-American history," he said.

Mr. Michael Brazier, a science and physical education teacher at Proviso West for 46 years, said that all students have talent.

"We as educators must search it out, expose it, and help students use it to pull themselves up the success ladder," he said. "We sometimes must use unconventional methods to teach traditional ‘stuff.’"

The following faculty and staff were recognized for their service and contributions to District 209:
  • Michael E. Brazier, Proviso West High School physical education teacher
  • Lawrence D. Broughton, Proviso East High School social studies teacher
  • John D. Fitzpatrick, Proviso East High School special education teacher
  • Milton R. Patch, District 209 athletics and activities coordinator
  • Phyllis Warr, Proviso East High School English teacher
  • Billy Elliott, Proviso West High School day custodian
  • Kathleen W. Ford, Proviso West High School computer lab aide
  • Pellegrino Iannelli, Proviso East High School maintenance/mechanic
  • Herman C. Ivy, Proviso Math and Science Academy day custodian
  • Ella M. Mayberry, Proviso Math and Science Academy security
  • Lula M. Singletary, Proviso West High School teacher’s aide
  • Dennis Zambole, Proviso West High School receiving clerk
Honored for years of service:
35 Years:
  • Phyllis Warr, Proviso East High School
25 Years:
  • Marlene McBrien, District 209
  • Beverly Robinson, Proviso East High School
  • Moncia Manfredi, Proviso East High School
  • Donald Racan, Proviso Math and Science Academy
20 Years:
  • Robert Hurley, Proviso East High School
  • Lloyd Kelley, Proviso East High School
  • Reginald Wright, Proviso East High School
  • Marc Jones, Proviso East High School
  • Donna Andree, Proviso West High School
  • Loretta Day, Proviso West High School
  • Pearl Faleti, Proviso West High School
  • Jesse Dial, Proviso West High School
  • Donald Knapp, Proviso West High School
15 Years:
  • Robin Brooks-Hancock, Proviso East High School
  • Ira Carswell, Proviso East High School
  • Risa Caudle, Proviso East High School
  • Marcia LaPorte, Proviso East High School
  • Kyra Lopez, Proviso East High School
  • Michael Donahoo, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Sergio Noyola, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Samuel Atcher, Proviso West High School
  • Linda Daiberl, Proviso West High School
  • Frank LaGrassa, Proviso West High School
Graduate Degree Earned:
Master’s Degree:
  • Erin Krause, Proviso East High School
  • Ranjana Kumari, Proviso East High School
  • Shannon Molloy, Proviso East High School
Doctorate Degree:
  • Bozena Suwary, Proviso West High School
Exemplary Contributions:
  • Donald Boyce, Proviso East High School
  • Ezra Pridgeon, Proviso East High School
  • Maureen Werner, Proviso East High School
  • Jennifer Woods, Proviso East High School
  • Reginald Wright, Proviso East High School
  • Matthew Brown, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Charlotte Grady, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Greta Mitchell-Williams, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Mary Scherer-Emunds, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Michael Wedderburn, Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Patricia Black-Martul, Proviso West High School
  • Gerald T. Egler, Proviso West High School
  • Georgina E. Harmon-Roney, Proviso West High School
  • Famous Hulbert, Proviso West High School
  • Constance M. Jesukaitis, Proviso West High School
  • Diana Medina, Proviso West High School
  • Lula Singletary, Proviso West High School
  • Joseph Spagnolo, Proviso West High School
  • Gail Suffredin, Proviso West High School
Congratulations, faculty and staff. Thank you for all you do to "Help Keep Proviso Rising."


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